Below is a list of services offered.  If you don't see what you are looking for, let me know and we can talk about other ways to partner in ministry.


Lesson Planning - $20/lesson

  • One-time youth ministry lessons on topics agreed upon by youth minister/parish and consultant
    • Sunday School lessons
    • Evening EYC lessons


Hourly Consulting - $40/hour

  • This can be face-to-face, phone call, or Skype/FaceTime communication
  • Examples of what could possibly be covered in these conversations:
    • help with behavioral issues of youth group members or parents
    • assistance in program/lesson brainstorming or development
    • communication about general or specific youth ministry questions
    • pastoral/personal care for the youth minister


Unit Planning- $75/unit 

  • Development of program on the topic of the youth minister’s choice
  • Interactive, hands-on lesson plans and activities specifically developed for your EYC group
  • $75 covers 4 separate lesson plans on one subject to fit into a unit.  If more are requested, it is $20/lesson.


Speaking/On-Site Training - $350/day + travel 

  • On-site training of volunteers, youth minister, church staff 
  • Speaking to youth, parents, parish, or staff about agreed upon topic 
  • Speaking at youth ministry conferences or other professional development events


Large- Scale Youth Ministry Program Development - $500

  • Curricula development specific to parish’s program such as: 
    • Sexual health workshops within the context of Christian community (five 4-Hour Workshops for different age groups and parents)
    • Parent Workshop development on agreed upon topic
    • 3 Hour Workshops on Depression/Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    • Mission trip development and planning (all trip planning included except for fundraising, promotion, and registration - which is done by parish)


Long-Term Youth Ministry Mentoring - $1500/year

  • Contractual agreement to be hands-on mentor for youth staff or specific volunteer
  • Contract for 12 months includes:
    • personal and intentional mentoring relationship formed with youth ministry consultant
      • unlimited access via email or text during normal work hours
      • 1 hour phone consultation /week or as agreed upon 
      • face-to-face meetings quarterly for 2 hours to monitor and evaluate progress
      • assistance with large scale youth ministry program development
      • assistance with lesson plans, retreat planning, classroom management, etc.